As carrying becomes mainstream and the evolving urban context leaves less and less space for cumbersome carriers and bulky strollers, izzzi provides a flexible alternative for the first six months as a parent, both in- and outdoors.

Extensively tested by our medical board, our product supports a scientifically researched, natural way of carrying that is a more upright extension of the instinctive cradling embrace. The baby is always positioned with the chin up, face visible and nose and mouth free: A safe and comfortable position guaranteed to have your little sprout catching zzz’s in no time. izzzi has been tested according to EN 13209-2:2015 & ASTM F2907.

Izzzi is extremely easy in use. So easy it’s almost easier done than said. Three simple steps will have you and your baby in-and-out of izzzi in no time. And because it doesn’t burden you with overly complex learning curve, izzzi makes it easy to focus on the fun parts of being a parent: loving, feeling, being. All the while providing optimal comfort for your little bundle of joy.

Almost immediately! You can start using izzzi as early as leaving the maternity ward, providing you have read through all instructions and practiced putting it on once or twice.

By carefully following the washing instructions on the label. Wash at 30° in a laundry bag (or pillowcase) using mild detergent. No tumble drying.

Yes, izzzi features a special cupped back support to ensure correct posture at all times. Furthermore, the elastic cord allows the wearer to adjust to his/her body height, making the fit ergonomic to the wearer as well.

Yes, the sling-like fit automatically adapts without having to make complicated adjustments. For the smallest newborns, there is an extra padded insert to guarantee the perfect posture in the first couple of weeks.

Please always read our instructions before using and follow the necessary steps. In short: Position your baby’s bottom in the deepest pocket, and make sure your baby’s forehead is always within kissing range.

We have extensively researched the position and comfort of the baby with our medical board of neurologists, doctors for pre-maturing, midwives, and baby physicians. The unanimous conclusion is that izzzi is very comfortable because of the natural way of carrying – especially the first 6 months after birth. In fact, numerous tests have shown the babies are so comfortable they will easily fall asleep.

Don’t worry, they will.

A small percentage of kids are born with hip dysplasia. If this is the case with your newborn, we strongly recommend seeking professional advice before using any carrier or sling. If you have already purchased your izzzi carrier and you get negative advice because of pre-existing conditions like hip dysplasia, izzzi will refund your carrier immediately upon presentation of medical documentation.

izzzi has been developed to the highest standards. Together with our medical board of neurologists, doctors for pre-maturing, midwives and baby physicians we’ve been testing thoroughly in order to create the best carrying solution for the parents and the baby.

izzzi has been succesfully tested according to EN 13209-2:2015 & ASTM F2907.

Yes, it’s one of the reasons we started designing our carrier. Wearing izzzi allows you to have eye contact all the time, helping you to connect to the essence of becoming a parent: carefree, close, and in the moment.

izzzi has been tested up to 9 kg. Medically it has been proven that the position of izzzi is best for most babies in the first 6 months after birth. After this period (around the same time it becomes mostly uncomfortable for parents to remain walking around with 9 kg strapped to their bodies) babies should start moving to a more upright position.

All fabrics are of high-end quality. Parts have been extensively tested for safety and everything is approved according to EN 13209-2:2015 & ASTM F2907.

Yes, we added pockets that fit credit cards, key, pacifiers, or other small items.

Yes, breastfeeding is easy and comfortable with izzzi for both baby and mother. This was one of the criteria when developing izzzi: Offer freedom of movement and accessibility in all aspects of parenthood.

Adjusting is very simple. We believe products have to work easily. There is only a single elastic adjustment cord. Just pull to tighten or release to loosen.

izzzi works for all no matter what size you are or if you like to carry your baby left or right.

Our fabrics are high end, light fabrics that are mainly used in the sports sector. This combination permits it to breathe, making it more comfortable for both you and your baby. Even on hot days!

We’re using light materials and izzzi is open, always ensuring the baby is not too hot or cold.

The T.I.C.K.S. acronym is widely used to describe a set of important rules in the world of baby carrying. Naturally, we used these rules as design directives during the development of our product. Consider them the five commandments of baby carrying.


Tight: Carriers should be tight —we prefer the word close— enough for you to effortlessly hug your baby. Too much slack in the fabric will cause your baby to slump, possibly hindering their breathing. Ill-fitting carriers can also cause strain on your shoulders and back.

In view at all times: Continuous eye contact with your baby will allow you to 1) Lovingly gaze at the wonder you put onto this world and 2) Constantly monitor your child’s breathing and general mood.

Close enough to kiss: Your baby’s head should be as close to your chin as possible while still comfortable. Angling your head slightly forward should easily enable you to kiss your baby on the head or forehead. izzzi’s natural carrying position allows you to do this without cramping your neck.

Keep chin off the chest: Babies should never be ‘curled up’ with the chin forced onto their chest, as this can restrict breathing. Correct positioning in the izzzi carrier ensures there is always a space of at least a finger width under your baby’s chin to keep him safe.

Supported back: The tightness of any carrier will be crucial in the support of a baby’s spine, but it’s also important not to overtighten. izzzi’s adjustable system makes sure you get the support just right.

Yes, our product ticks all the necessary boxes. The watchful eye of our medical board ensured the TICKS principle was a directive throughout the whole design process.

There is no such thing as the best position. In general, the rules a carrier should follow are summarized in T.I.C.K.S. In the case of izzzi, our medical board confirmed that the position in izzzi is similar as in mammies’ belly and is very familiar and comfortable for the newborn.